Address: High School Yards, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ
Phone: 0131 556 0800


At High School Yards Nursery, our primary goal is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment which gives children the opportunity to learn and develop to their full potential. Our nursery differentiates itself by providing a passionate attention to detail in everything we do, underpinned by our quality programme of activities and care.


We are committed to using our local environment as a tool for learning, using the area’s rich historical heritage and vast array of amenities to enrich the lives and development of all the children within our care. We also utilise our outdoor space to ensure the children are physically active and experience the natural world and all its beauty.

Parents who choose the High School Yards Nursery can be confident that the professionals who work within the nursery are passionate about childcare and knowledgeable about child development from the very early days to the transition between nursery and school. Our staff engage in high quality interactions to ensure that your child feels secure in our care and reaches their full potential in their time with us.


At High School Yards Nursery, we aim to:


  • Treat every child as an individual and recognise their unique qualities, skills and abilities,
  • Encourage positive attitudes in each child and develop their confidence, resilience and self-esteem.
  • Value the opinions of the children by allowing them to make decisions and solve problems on a regular basis, for example, allowing them to choose activities and resources,
  • Provide an atmosphere which engages children in high quality play experiences which foster creativity and spark their natural imagination,
  • Provide high quality, enthusiastic staff who are well trained in childcare and are committed to the ethos of the Nursery and are able to engage in quality, effective interactions with children,
  • Maintain high standards of staff by engaging each member of our staff in continuous professional development (both in-house and external) and providing each with a personal learning plan to help them develop and keep up-to-date with recent legislation and good practice,
  • Communicate readily and effectively with each parent and carer, showing recognition of the fact that parents know their children best,
  • Help parents achieve a healthy and effective work-life balance, by offering flexible hours for childcare and providing times to meet which suit the parents’ needs,
  • Actively encourage feedback by carrying out regular evaluations, maintaining a parents’ committee and operating an ‘open-door’ policy,
  • Keep parents up-to-date with the nursery’s activities and main events by maintaining daily room boards and providing a weekly newsletter through email. We also have a parents’ noticeboard which updates parents on other matters.

Above all, we want your children to leave our nursery with the confidence and skills to help them meet and conquer the challenges that lie ahead in their school years and beyond. We want them to build the foundations for a lifelong love of learning which will stay with them throughout their development.